Friday, February 20, 2009

If at first you can't see it, readjust your focus

Have you ever received one of those images via e-mail that instructs you to stare at it for a certain period of time and then look away, at a wall or something, and all of a sudden there's an image of Jesus? Or another one where when you first look at it you see one thing but then when your eyes adjust you see something else, again usually an image of Jesus?

That's how it's been for me lately with things in my life. At first glance the image is not great. Others may not see it, but John and I know how things really are. Unfortunately for me at first glance all I can see is the problem. It's difficult for me to "see" Jesus in the circumstances. It takes me a while, (and usually with the help of a friend or my sister or my husband), to finally readjust my vision to see God working in the circumstance. I am reminded through this that the Christian walk is not about what we can see but about what we cannot see.

God's word tells us that the righteuos will live by faith and not by sight and I think this is where many of us get hung up. We watch the news (and come on now, we all know how the media is...dooms day this and glooms day that), we get a bill that we don't have the money for, we hear a diagnosis that's not good, and the list goes on. But what we tend to do is make these details bigger than the God who created all things, and then our actions start revealing our fear instead of the faith by which we are called to live. I, for one, am so guilty of this and it breaks my heart to know that I still carry a seed of doubt in my body about the abilities of God.

One of my favorite verses is Romans 8:28 "And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, and who are called according to His purpose." I look back at my life and never, not once, has He ever left me or left me without. Why would I think He would start now?!

Though my actions and thoughts don't always reveal it, I love Him and I want to be considered a woman after God's own heart. I ask forgiveness for my disobedience and doubt and today I will readjust my focus. I know He is there...even though I cannot "see" Him.

Until next time....

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