Thursday, March 12, 2009

All the buzz...

About 3 months ago John bought a beekeeping book at a yard sale. It was a great deal at .25 cents. I guess I had mentioned something to him about wanting to learn about bees so when he saw this book he bought it. (I've mentioned that I like diamond rings but he hasn't bought me one of those, hhhmmmm...). Anyway, we really hadn't discussed keeping bees until recently, after I took Delilah to the vet. Dr. Gillespie mentioned something about bees, I went home and told John what I had learned, one thing led to another and the next thing ya know John and I ended up at the local beekeepers meeting last night. (there's a little more in between here, but it's just boring details)

Beekeepers are some of the neatest folks and we learned a lot. We learned that we have a lot to learn about bees (lol) We also learned that 5 people in our neighborhood are already keeping bees as a hobby. Frankly, I would like for it to turn into a business for us. I didn't anticipate John's interest in this, but he is all into it. Not sure when but I anticipate us getting a nuc hive (kind of a starter hive without all the fuss) in the next few months. Michelle's not so keen on it. Her reacton was "what if I get stung?" She had to ask it. That was the one thing I was trying not to think about. I would much rather concentrate on the honey!

Until next time....

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